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Testimonials for Right Off The Farm
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August 2, 2008

Marilyn's cooking is a large part of what makes the Mountain School so special. Every meal was a joy. Over 20 years later, I still look forward to visting the Mountain School just to have more of her magical Granola.

Abigail Solomon, Executive Producer,  Rosalind Productions, Inc, CA

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July 28, 2008

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"The food at the Mountain School is wonderful. Wonderful on the tongue, wonderful in the mind--because you know it was grown with as much love and skill as it was cooked!"
Bill McKibben, Author-educator-environmentalist, Ripton, Vermont

“Marilyn Covey in her kitchen is like David Ortiz at the plate--both are New England treasures with cult followings.  Now this book of Marilyn's recipes brings some of the heart and soul of the Mountain School to tables of fellowship around the world. We can't wait to dig in.” David and Nancy Grant, Co-Founders of the Mountain School Program, Strafford, VT.
"You can taste the Mountain School farm in Marilyn's delicious recipes. Her rare and wonderful expertise in the kitchen has been a carefully guarded secret -- until now."
Alden Smith, Director of the Mountain School Program, Vershire, VT.
"Marilyn's cooking at the Mountain School remains one of the foremost memories of my surreal, extraordinary, and delicious experience in Vermont. Using her keen culinary skill, Marilyn whipped up some of the most spectacular meals of my entire life, which I had the pleasure of sharing with some of my favorite company."
Nick Singer S '06 alum, New York

“Marilyn’s food is a way into the heart, soul and mind.  Her recipes fuel the Mountain School.  I can’t think of a better way to start changing the world than through your mouth and stomach.” 
Adam Werbach S'90 alum, Environmental activist/consultant, San Francisco, CA.
"It turns out that eating well isn't that hard after all. It just takes a little time, a few fudgy oat squares, and the wisdom you get from cooking for hundreds of teenagers on a farm in Vermont."  Curt Ellis and Ian Cheney, F'97 alums, Producers of the documentary KING CORN.
"Every day, food offers us the opportunity to connect to the world around us.  When we gather around the table at The Mountain School we do more than share a meal; we share a connection to the land, to each other, and to our common work.  The food tastes like the place--the pasture that makes our eggs and our meat, the maple trees that make our syrup, and the many hands that make it all.  Even the hunger there--perhaps because it is born of the work--takes on an honest, earned, and native quality.  Eating at the Mountain School makes me feel at home."  Josh Viertel, S'95 alum, Director, Yale Sustainable Food Project, CT.